Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kongunga Secondary School's New Library

I am proud to present pictures of Kongunga Secondary School's new library, officially the third secondary school library established in Bukedea District. The library comprises 6,000 volumes of English, Science, Math, Geography, and History textbooks and workbooks, as well as fiction, nonfiction, and reference books. It will open on September 3 when the school term resumes. In September (before I leave Uganda), my primary focus alongside Denis, the librarian, will be to teach the students and teachers of Kongunga Secondary School how to effectively use the library for research and/or to reference information. As this will be the first time many of the students have ever used a library or opened a library book, teaching, for instance, how to use a book's Table of Contents/Index or how to properly care for/open a book is critical. Beginning next term, Denis and I also hope to form an afterschool reading club for students. Wish us luck!  



The outside of Kongunga Secondary School's new library.

Steel door and lock to safeguard all books, property, and materials inside the library.

Library shot.

Library shot take 2.

Library shot take 3.

Reference section.

Fiction section, organized and labeled (by color-coded label) according to Primary Fiction (P1-P4), Intermediate Fiction (P5-S2), and Secondary Fiction (S3-S5).

Math section.
English section.

A sign that explains the rules and policies of the library. 

A sign that explains how we organized books in the library, using the color-coded classification system.

Subject books for teacher use only, stored in the Staff Resource Room.

Take 2.

Class sets of subject books, stored in the Staff Resource Room.

Denis sitting at his desk.

Denis graduated with a degree in Library Management Science from Uganda Christian University, and has worked extensively as a librarian at Amnesty International in Mbale, so he is certainly qualified for the position. More importantly, now that we've hired Denis, I am confident that the library will be sustainable and achieve its intended objectives after I leave. 

Thank you again to everybody who so generously contributed to the project! It certainly wouldn't have been possible without you.

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