Friday, September 21, 2012

Final Updates

I have officially two weeks left in Kachumbala. As I've mentioned previously, leaving the life I have established for myself and become so accustomed to feels really bitter-sweet. Because there are many people, Ugandans and PCV's alike, who I will likely never see again, I can't help but feel a little sentimental over leaving. Peace Corps Uganda have given me a myriad of lifetime memories, lessons, friends, and experiences. Nevertheless, the timing could not be more opportune. I am definitely ready to return stateside, and begin a new chapter of my life. Just as my family and friends have moved on with their lives, I look foward to doing the same.

Perhaps my biggest concern over leaving was what would happen to my dog and cat after I left. I wanted to find a better home for them than their current one, yet I didn't want to move them out of the Parish just for the sake of doing so. Needless to say this is no longer a concern! I found good homes for both of them. Fugoso is being taken in by missionaries at an organization (JENGA) in Mbale; the missionaries seem to genuinely like and care for their dogs (he will live with other dogs), so I am confident that Fugoso in the long-term will be happy there. "Pus Pus" is being taken in by a Mbale owner (connected to JENGA) of five other well-cared-for cats. Unfortunately, the unique, brotherly dog/cat bond that Fugoso and Pus Pus share will be forever separated, but they'll be in much better living situations than they otherwise would be if they were to remain at the Parish. Their last day in Kachumbala is this coming Thursday.

Last week, Kongunga Secondary School held an inauguration ceremony for the official opening of "Apollo" Library (my second namesake). Father Okurut, several District officials, and the entire school staff and student body attended the ceremony. Since then, more and more students have begun to use the library. I am proud to be able to provide my school with a tangible learning space and resource center of novels, textbooks, and other educational materials. Denis has done a fantastic job managing the library; he has developed his own system for implementing day-to-day library policies and procedures. I have actively tried to step back, limit my presence, and turn the library reigns over to him.

The Headmaster and a representative from the DEO of Bukedea

"Apollo" Library officially opened!

Students completing their work and reading books inside the library. 

Take 2

Take 3
My last day in Kachumbala is October 5. From there, I'll bid farewell to my homestay family in Wakiso, and then stay in Kampala for a week to officially close out my service. This includes turning in mountains of COS forms, meeting with the PC Uganda Country Director to reflect upon the past two years and to provide recommendations for how to improve PC Uganda, closing out my Stanbick bank account, and meeting with PC Medical. I leave African soil the morning of October 15, and land in the European/Asian soil of Istanbul. From there, it's several flights and many train rides to Israel, Spain, and Morocco before I finally arrive in DC on November 20. I could not be more excited.

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