Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Uganda I Know (through my camera)

There have been many great inventions in our time. The computer. The television set. The radio, the automobile, the telephone. The list goes on. But if there were one invention in my opinion that tops the list, it would be Nicéphore Niépce's invention of the camera in 1816, which produced the first successful photograph of a camera image. In a single snap (couldn't help the pun), cameras enable the user to photograph what they want, when they want, where they want, through their own subjective and creative lens. Cameras in the 19th century? A notable, technological innovation. Cameras in the present? The rest is history.

My camera has proven to be invaluable during my time in Uganda. It's enabled me to capture pictures, memories, experiences, places, events that I will remember for the rest of my life. It's enabled me to share with you and provide a glimpse of Uganda on this blog.

To which this final blog post is dedicated. Below are pictures compiled chronologically of my past two years in a nutshell. Some are of Ugandans, others are fellow Peace Corps Uganda Volunteers. Some are of my work in Kachumbala, others depict Ugandan culture to the fullest. Some illustrate my crazy "Only in Uganda" moments, the moments where you just have to sit back and laugh because you have absolutely no control over them, the moments when you just have to accept the culture for what it is, the moments that sure make for great stories back in the U.S. 

As always, thanks for reading. It's been a pleasure updating this blog when power has permitted me to. I appreciate all your comments, feedback, and support.

Posing with my homestay family after Sunday mass

Attempting to push a tractor up a hill


My Ateso language trainer, Anne, and I at my swear-in ceremony

The Ateso language group

Hiking at Sipi Falls

Gary, Becca, and I (the three Massholes) cruising down the Nile

Rafting the Nile

A Ugandan sunset in Kachumbala


Raincatcher's Sawyer water filtratation system

Ugandan Little League Baseball

The World Map Project

With my homestay family during Easter

Sorting through thousands of English, Math, Science, History, Geography, and Reference textbooks and workbooks

The final product of Kongunga Secondary School's new library

A young Kachumbalan balancing an empty jerrycan on her head

Apio handwashing her clothes

Fugoso and I

Emma, Fugoso, Junior


A butcher cutting up cows meat

Another Ugandan sunset

Skillfully balancing a full jerrycan of water on her head

Road safety clearly does not exist in Uganda 

A typical travel experience in a matatu

Sleeping the hours away on a boda 

Julius and Emma

Silver, the best cook in Kachumbala


Rose, my old supervisor, and Zefalan

Cyrus and Susan, my favorite shopowners in Kachumbala

Posing with Cyrus and Susan

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